Recently, the prices of domestic propylene monomer

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Recently, the prices of domestic propylene monomer manufacturers have remained stable on the whole

the prices of domestic propylene monomer manufacturers have remained stable on the whole, with some adjustments of about yuan/ton compared with last week, which has little impact on the whole. Due to the tight supply of domestic propylene, although the price of imported propylene is low, it is far from meeting domestic demand. In terms of supply, domestic propylene still has a great advantage. Therefore, the price has not been greatly impacted by the external propylene. Recently, accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology can still maintain the consolidation pattern at a high level, but it is difficult to rise

aftermarket analysis:

for Shandong propylene, the current trend of upstream raw material gas such as 4 balls is very strong. In terms of supply, the overhaul of large-scale production units of Lijin Petrochemical next week will lead to the intensification of Shandong propylene supply tension and inaccurate positioning. Even if the new units of Dongming wusheng Petrochemical are successfully opened, there will still be a certain supply gap. However, at present, the production and sales of polypropylene powder manufacturers that need outsourced raw materials in the lower reaches of Shandong have declined, and the demand for propylene is not too large. In addition, the influence of outer disc propylene on Shandong propylene cannot be ignored. Therefore, the trend of propylene in Shandong Province next week remains to be observed. The author personally believes that there is a high probability of small fluctuations in the current price at the beginning of the week. As for the later period, it also depends on the trend of polypropylene and the change of imported propylene capacity

although the feed gas of Yan'an refinery in the western region has declined. However, the prices of other manufacturers remained high and stable, and propylene manufacturers said that this move had little impact on their propylene prices. There is no news that local manufacturers have expanded the capacity of devices, so the author believes that the prices of Xi'an Petrochemical and Xianyang additives will continue to remain stable next week, and may be reduced slightly if there is a need for shipment. Lanzhou Petrochemical's self use of propylene will not change for the time being

for propylene in North China, the supply and demand remain balanced, and its stability is relatively high. It is expected that the price will continue to be stable next week, with little fluctuation

at present, some large petrochemical enterprises in East China can choose Stroke 1000 or 1200mm if the elongation of material exceeds 1000% The attitude of maintaining the current price of propylene is relatively firm. As most large enterprises basically use propylene for their own use, it is expected that propylene from manufacturers in East China will be relatively stable in general next week. The price range of local propylene may be around, and some manufacturers that need to ship may have certain concessions on this basis. It is suggested to pay attention to the changes in the import volume of propylene in the outer disk

to sum up, the biggest supporting factor for propylene in China is the tight supply. In this case, if the outer market propylene cannot flow in in large quantities, that is, the low price cannot fundamentally make the domestic propylene suffer too much impact. Therefore, I personally believe that propylene in the northern and eastern regions of China will mainly be consolidated on the basis of the existing price, and there is little possibility of sharp fluctuations. At the same time, the impact of outer disc propylene on China is still worthy of attention

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