Recently, the supply of methanol resources in Euro

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Recently, the supply of methanol resources in Europe and the United States has been tight, and the market continues to rise sharply.

recently, the methanol market in Europe and the United States, as a new processing raw material for auto parts, has continued the tense situation of previous weeks, and the overall market is still rising sharply

among them, the rise in the European spot market from 10 euros/ton to euro/ton (FOB price, Rotterdam) is mainly caused by the tight local supply situation and the sharp rise in the U.S. market price

among them, due to the annual planned maintenance of 3.5 local installations in Europe, the local tight supply situation is further aggravated

at the same time, the U.S. methanol market has also risen sharply to USD/ton (FOB price) again recently, with an increase of USD/ton

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