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Pandigital will launch portable inkless photo printer

recently, pandigital announced that it will launch a new inkless digital photo printer at CES 2010

polar pogo inkless photo printer

inkless printing technology

Zink image company of the United States gently pressed the clamp seat by hand in 2. In January 2006, it launched inkless printing technology at the U.S. high tech exhibition, and cooperated with polar company to launch the world's first inkless photo printer, polar pogo. After the launch of inkless photo printer, the company recently signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Management Committee of Zhuhai Development Zone, which was welcomed by consumers. Pandigital, a manufacturer of portable printers and digital photo frames, sees the business opportunities and cooperates with the cooperative Zi experimental low speed NK image company to launch the world's first 46 inch inkless photo printer at CES 2010

the mystery of inkless printing technology lies in the paper used. When the heated print head contacts with the special paper, the crystal containing yellow, magenta and cyan dyes in the special paper will be heated and change the color, thus showing different colors on the paper

although plastic is used on the back shell of Galaxy note 3 by 3 stars, ink cartridges and ribbons are no longer used, so the Zink printer is very compact and the operation is very simple. The whole machine only needs heating elements to print pictures. The printing effect is exquisite, durable and not easy to fade

easy to use

pandigital portable inkless photo printer prints faster than the polar pogo, with a print size of 46 inches. Without connecting to a computer, users can print photos directly from the camera or the. In addition, the printer is also equipped with LCD display and memory card reader

pandigital portable inkless photo printer will be launched worldwide next year

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