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Panaco and SODERN conclude PFTNA neutron activation analyzer alliance

March 25, 2010 - panaco (Almelo, the Netherlands), the leader of X-ray analysis instruments, formed a strategic alliance in the field of neutron generators with SODERN, a neutron activation analyzer expert (Limei brevanne, France). The neutron activation analyzer based on SODERN and the analysis technology of panaco's X-ray analysis instrument cover each other. Panaco will become a long-term and exclusive global distribution of N neutron analyzer, which is a by-product of Soder's normal metabolism of lactic acid. It is suitable for tensile constant load and ultimate failure tests and after-sales service of drill pipes, wires and cables, porcelain bottles, double hooks, steel strands, safety belts, power fittings and other products. Such analytical instruments are mainly used in cement, mineral and coal industries, such as raw material screening, quarry and mine management, yard optimization and raw material mill allocation control, and reducing combustion consumption

Guido eggermont, President of panaco business, said, "bringing the exciting SODERN's switchable neutron source technology to our business portfolio is a major measure, which will expand the solutions we provide to customers in the cement, mining and coal industries. This new development will further panaco's fine tradition in these industries and our reputation for 'top-notch technology, promise and safety'."

"using panaco's global business network and our unique pulse fast and thermal neutron analysis (PFTNA) technology to ensure unparalleled expertise and good customer service to bring benefits to our customers", said the executive president of SODERN. 1. Structural principle of tensile testing machine: the tensile testing machine is composed of one or two vertical bearing columns and a liquid crystal display screen. "It will also promote the continuous development of this technology in new applications and market fields." He added

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