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Pan Mingjian: the LED lighting industry is still good. Enterprises should not blindly subvert the past.

after years of precipitation, Zhaoxin LED has become very famous in the industry and formed the layout and development of the whole industry chain. In the view of Pan Mingjian, general manager of Guangdong Zhaoxin group, the industry is still good and the opportunities are still there, but only "rational" and "down-to-earth" enterprises can finally embrace this "beautiful era". According to the overall deployment of the State Council on accelerating the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries

the industry is still developing in a good direction

in the past two years, affected by the macro-economic downturn, the pace of domestic enterprises has become more difficult, and a large number of manufacturing enterprises have closed down frequently, as has the lighting industry

in the face of such an economic environment, pan Mingjian, general manager of Guangdong Zhaoxin group, believes that the development of the industry is still moving in a good direction: on the one hand, thousands of uncompetitive enterprises in the industry have closed down, which is the inevitable result of the "survival of the fittest", which is an "opportunity" for the "winning" enterprises; In addition, although the growth of the industry has slowed down in the past two years, it has always maintained growth on the whole

"are your products competitive? Are your services accepted? These should be the key issues that enterprises must consider in the process of development." In Pan Mingjian's view, the key to the development of enterprises depends on their own positioning, and they should do a solid job in products and services to enhance their comprehensive competitiveness

for this reason, facing the current situation of more fierce competition in the industry, Zhaoxin led resolutely adheres to the development goal of "daring to move forward". After several years of development, Zhaoxin LED has gradually formed a certain customer base in the industry, accumulated a certain brand reputation, and now it is "like a duck to water"

enterprise development needs to stick to its original intention and not rush forward.

for outsiders' evaluation of Zhaoxin's "mysterious" and "low-key", pan Mingjian responded that Zhaoxin hopes to do a good job in a down-to-earth manner and focus on the development of the enterprise itself

"in recent years, Zhaoxin LED has also taken some detours, but Zhaoxin has always adhered to its original intention, steadfast and not rash." Pan Mingjian further introduced that in the face of areas where advantages are not obvious or development is difficult to control, Zhaoxin LED will resolutely not do it, and Zhaoxin has always adhered to the path of specialization

it is understood that Zhaoxin LED has always adhered to product R & D and innovation and refused to advance blindly. Facing the low price competition behavior of other enterprises and many chaos in the market, Zhaoxin led appears to be particularly rational, insists on not blindly participating in low price competition, and always maintains product quality and strengthens its own advantages

"for enterprises with rapid development, we take them more as models to learn from, and the requirements for their own development are 'continue to carry forward the good, and improve the bad'." Pan Mingjian said that Zhaoxin LED will continue to strengthen its own advantages in the future

only by focusing on advantageous fields can we be more competitive.

it is reported that Zhaoxin LED has spent several years, insisting on innovation for breakthrough and innovation for development, and has established five technology R & D centers. The establishment of the five major technology R & D centers and the careful deployment of the optoelectronic industry have enabled Zhaoxin to successfully build a vertical full industry chain from semiconductor epitaxial equipment - epitaxial chips - Packaging - lighting applications and energy-saving services

pan Mingjian said: "for a long time, Zhaoxin LED has adhered to its more advantageous engineering field while exploring the field of differentiated circulation. Affected by the impact of the economic environment, many enterprises generally reflect that the engineering field is not easy to do, but at this time, the advantages of Zhaoxin led in the engineering field are more prominent, because Zhaoxin LED can be matched and adjusted according to the engineering needs, and the overall operating cost is lower."

it is understood that Zhaoxin LED has also tried more businesses and gone through some detours. In this regard, pan Mingjian said that 90% of the torque of the channel is consumed by the friction in the tightening process, and the mode is developing and changing. The development of enterprises should find out the channel mode suitable for themselves, and avoid blindly cutting in, which will lead to unclear direction after "rising tide". Zhaoxin LED is positioned as the engineering circulation field, and always adheres to the perfection of products

enterprises should not blindly subvert the past before moving forward.

at the beginning of this year, Zhaoxin LED street lamp intelligent lighting system has covered more roads of DuPont high-performance materials in Nanhai, Guicheng and other places in Foshan. Last year, Guangdong Zhaoxin group also cooperated with Beijing Smart fiber material Technology Co., Ltd. in the "Guangdong Smart Fiber" project. The two sides will focus on advantageous resources, jointly develop new smart fiber materials, and actively explore the national market, Achieve win-win results for both sides

pan Mingjian believes that while doing a good job in advantageous products, Zhaoxin led also needs to carry out a certain business extension. When enterprises should move forward in the development process, they should still move forward, but it is not "ahead", nor is it blindly overturning the past

in Pan Mingjian's view, nowadays, the construction of smart cities is developing rapidly and has been highly valued by national and local government departments, but "smart lighting" is more just a concept, and there are still many problems that need to be connected in actual operation. In addition, the cost of smart cities is high, and big data is in the hands of Internet companies. Lighting enterprises should integrate into them at the appropriate nodes. Next, Zhaoxin LED will continue to focus on the market with good energy-saving effects, try new models, focus on subdivisions, and make full use of existing resources to do a good job and expand the market

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