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The 160000 square meter international printing exhibition will be staged in Beijing in May.

the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (China print 2013) jointly hosted by China printing and equipment industry association and China International Exhibition Center Group will be held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi) on May, 2013. 1268 manufacturers from 28 countries and regions all over the world signed up to participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 160000 square meters, an increase of 60% over the previous year. At present, professional visitors from 117 countries and regions have pre registered, 100 overseas visiting groups from more than 30 countries and regions, and professional purchasing groups will be organized by all provinces, regions and cities across the country and the printing association of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to Beijing. It is expected that the audience will reach 180000 person times

China ptint 2013, with a total exhibition area of 160000 square meters, has opened 19 pavilions. In addition to the 8 official pavilions in the new hall of the China International Exhibition Center, a total of 11 temporary pavilions have been built in the parking lots on the East and west sides to meet the exhibition needs of enterprises

this exhibition has received the full support of enterprises in the industry, with a total of more than 1300 Chinese and foreign enterprises participating in this grand event. The exhibition halls are divided according to the categories of exhibits. The proportion of exhibition area of various exhibits is as follows:

proportion of enterprise type area (%)

top domestic and foreign printing technology suppliers have expanded their exhibition space, so they are widely used in electronics, electrical, transportation Mechanical equipment and daily necessities and other fields participated in this exhibition. The exhibition area of Heidelberg and HP exceeds 3000 square meters; The booths of gaobao, boster, beiren group and Han's Guanhua cover an area of more than 1000 square meters. The booths of Komori and Shanghai Yinbao cover an area of nearly 1000 square meters. The booths of Roland Mann, Martini and Tianjin evergreen all cover an area of about 600 square meters. Therefore, exhibitors will make every effort to display their advanced and practical technical equipment. According to statistics, the equipment volume of on-site exhibitors at this exhibition will increase by 60% over the previous one

in addition, China print 2013 also has a special label printing hall, a digital printing hall, an ink consumables hall, and national exhibition groups in Germany, Britain, South Korea, Italy, Taiwan exhibition area, and a printing boutique area. Each hall and area focuses on the leading technology and technical equipment in its field

wonderful activities in the same period

this China print actively responded to the spiritual call of the state to organize meetings frugally and not extravagant and wasteful, cancelled the opening ceremony activities, adhered to the exhibition purpose of always pursuing quality, paid attention to the exhibition content, hosted, CO organized, hosted and supported all kinds of activities and conferences, gave maximum support to exhibitors, cooperated with exhibitors, and presented wonderful activities with rich content and different forms for the audience

the Third International Printing Industry Development Forum (forum-pi2013). Sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association, it will be held on May 13 in the lecture hall on the third floor of building C of China workers' home in Beijing. At that time, the chairman or president of national printing industry associations from China, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, Australia, Russia, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, South Korea and other countries will deliver a wonderful speech at the forum to introduce the development of their own printing industry and talk about their views on the development prospects of the printing industry

2013 China Printing Summit Forum. Sponsored by China printing and equipment industry association, it will be held in conference room W201 of Beijing International Exhibition Center (New Hall) on the afternoon of May 14. The theme of this forum is the printing technology and business model that will affect the development of China's printing industry in the future. It aims to provide reference for Chinese printing enterprises to create their own business model and enhance their core competitiveness through the introduction of new printing technology and successful cases. At this forum, senior management of P4 international famous printing technology and equipment manufacturers whose factories in Heidelberg, HP, Kodak, gaobao, EFI and CI Changzhou need to be developed were invited to make a report. Benny Landa, the inventor of nano printing technology, will also come to the scene to introduce the latest progress of nano printing technology

the first China functional materials printing technology development forum. Co hosted by China printing and equipment industry association and Germany Dusseldorf exhibition company, it will be held in conference room W-201 of Beijing New International Exhibition Center on May 16. The forum specially invited famous speakers and industry research experts from functional printing equipment, materials and technology enterprises in Europe, America and China to present cutting-edge information about the world's latest technology, development trends and market potential of functional material printing to the participants

the fourth China Printing award ceremony. The only comprehensive evaluation award officially approved by the state in the printing industry, jointly sponsored by the China printing and equipment industry association, the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce, the Taiwan printing and machine materials industry association, and the Macao printing industry chamber of Commerce, has high credibility and authority. The award ceremony of the 4th China Printing awards will be held in the afternoon of May 15 in the conference room W-201 of China International Exhibition Center (Beijing). At that time, more than 500 friends from the government, well-known enterprises, printing associations of provinces and cities, publishing houses and media will participate in the event. In addition, the organizing committee will select some excellent works to be displayed on China print 2013, and briefly introduce the process of these works and the reasons for winning awards, so as to achieve the purpose of industry exchange

in the same period of the exhibition, the first China label printing industry forum, the fourth China printing digital Summit Forum, and the G7 international printing standardization will also be held, but this is more than 60 technical exchange and technical report activities, such as the game rule changers forum, the second digital printing pioneer meeting, and focusing on infinite post press excellence

audience organization is active and effective

China print 2013 Organizing Committee attaches great importance to audience organization at home and abroad. The organizer expanded the scale of international buyers, especially VIP buyers, through a series of visits. At present, more than 100 groups from more than 30 countries, including India, South Korea, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Colombia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines, will organize groups to visit and negotiate in Beijing, including nearly 2000 Indian and nearly 1000 South Korean delegations. It is expected that the number of overseas visitors will reach more than 8000, twice that of the previous session. During the exhibition, India day and South Korea day will be held

in addition, the organizer took advantage of its own advantages to organize the heads of printing associations in all provinces, cities and autonomous regions to hold special meetings and strengthen the organization of domestic professional visiting groups. All regions will organize groups to visit the exhibition. The professional audience of this exhibition is expected to reach 180000 person times

supporting services to a higher level

china print 2013 provides more effective and convenient service measures for exhibitors and visitors on the basis of summarizing the experience of the past 30 years

service in the exhibition hall. China print 2013 official provides a network display platform for the majority of exhibitors. Exhibitors can provide exhibition services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Exhibitors only need to upload pictures of their devices, and they can display products on the Internet before, during and after the exhibition, so as to strengthen market penetration, develop new business opportunities, and strengthen the interaction between exhibitors and visitors, So that exhibitors can more effectively promote the image and products of the enterprise, and timely grasp the feedback information of the market on their products

business matching service. In order to provide exhibitors and visitors with better and convenient business information services, China print 2013 has opened a business matching information service platform at the official station for the first time. The business matching service supports the release of enterprise information and product information, and supports the generation of QR codes for each product page, so that the on-site audience can quickly understand product information; At the same time, the QR code of the home page of the business matching service system will appear on all on-site printed materials and public facilities to facilitate the audience to use mobile devices, and will also provide accurate supply and demand matching information services for paying accounts

in order to adapt to the audience of reading, China print 2013 launched the exhibition app app. All visitors only need to scan the official app QR code on the visit card to enter. The version client will comprehensively display the real-time information of the exhibition and exhibitors, the search of exhibitors' booths and the marking of booth maps, the preview of exhibitors, traffic guidance, exhibition activities and various preferential promotion information of enterprises on the exhibition site

in order to better help visitors participate in the exhibition, the client also set up an exhibition guide, which summarizes the exhibition products and corresponding exhibition booths on green printing, offset printing technology, packaging printing, digital printing, CTP and color management, MIS and process management

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