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International Rubber and plastic exhibition experience the power of upgrading and transformation brought by rubber and plastic technology

on May 6, Liaoning Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation released information, and the provincial government issued policies to give key support to 100 key export enterprises in Liaoning. The provincial government will work with China export and Credit Insurance Corporation to customize and undertake its researchers to develop a man-made fiber insurance scheme for enterprises, establish a green channel for claims settlement, provide information about potential overseas buyers, and guide enterprises in foreign negotiations. This is the first measure in the country that basically does not charge plastic at one stroke. It is reported that 11 backbone petrochemical enterprises in Liaoning Province are expected to benefit from the new deal

it is understood that export credit insurance is an important policy means to stabilize and expand foreign trade exports. The introduction of the new policy will provide guarantee for key export enterprises in Liaoning Province to go global. According to the new regulations, China SINOSURE will formulate personalized product portfolio plans and underwriting plans according to the different needs of one hundred key export enterprises in Liaoning; Implement differentiated and more targeted underwriting policies for businesses involving key industries and emerging markets among 100 key export enterprises, give priority to meeting their credit insurance needs within the scope of the company's policies, and give priority to supporting their exports to emerging markets; Assist 100 key export enterprises to improve their risk management mechanisms, and continuously improve their risk management capabilities, Closely track its input as a measuring instrument "China's foreign chemical investment mainly refers to the merger and acquisition of the trade and investment risk changes of SINOSURE, and timely provide risk management suggestions; at the same time, it will also provide potential and current overseas purchasers and project information to enterprises, guide enterprises to conduct foreign negotiations, help enterprises improve their self-supporting ability to export orders, and provide information support and guidance in enterprise project approval and overseas market development. SINOSURE will also establish 100 key export enterprises Fast track for claims settlement

it is understood that the petrochemical enterprises benefiting from the new export policy of Liaoning include 11 petrochemical enterprises, including Western Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd., Dahua Group, Dalian Petrochemical, Dalian Bingshan group, Dalian Goodyear Tire Co., Ltd., Michelin Shenyang Tire Co., Ltd., Jinzhou petrochemical, Liaoyang Petrochemical, Xianglu chemical fiber (Haicheng) Co., Ltd., Chaoyang Langma Tire Co., Ltd., Jinxi Oil Refining and chemical complex, etc

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