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International Plastics business: innovation brings competitiveness to customers

- interview with Mr. Gero willmeroth, President of Engel machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (sales and service)

the price of Engel's e-motio high-end equipment will certainly be higher than that of low-end equipment. N series all electric injection molding machines won favor in the selection of "2008 Jung technological innovation award in the plastic industry". After the award, the brief visit of Mr. Gero willmeroth, President of Engel machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (sales and service), enables readers to have a deeper understanding of Engel products and company innovation

this print: your company won the "2008 Jung technological innovation award in the plastic industry" for the e-motion all electric injection molding machine. Can you introduce the technological innovation and advantages of the product in detail for readers

mr. willmeroth: lighter, more precise, faster, more stable and miniaturized. The requirements for modern products and their parts are always carefully selected. Meeting these requirements requires the help of new technology. In the field of injection molding, this means the highest stability and precision, or the best energy conservation and the lowest exhaust gas (material) emissions. The all electric technology of Engel's e-motion series products provides the above-mentioned advantages, which also increases the quality problems such as water absorption, shelling and falling off

electric injection molding machine provides a new choice besides hydraulic injection molding machine. Over the past decade, electric injection molding machines have become an integral part of Engel products. Servo motor drive technology provides extraordinary accuracy with low energy consumption. Because of this, it opens up an infinite business potential that has not been evaluated so far

provides the highest energy efficiency and first-class accuracy:

◆ provides the minimum injection volume for both standard and high-speed production. High stability and low energy consumption, and achieve the lowest exhaust (material) emissions

◆ the minimum shutdown time is achieved due to the parallel control of electric drive. Bring the shortest cycle and high energy efficiency, and achieve the minimum energy consumption

◆ Engel x-melt Technology (expansion injection processing technology) combined with standard production enables Engel e-motion high-precision molding machine to achieve the minimum injection weight and wall thickness

this print: what e-motion products can customers get now? How did the market respond

mr. willmeroth: now we provide 22 e-motion molding machines, with clamping force ranging from 550kn to 2800kn. Among the products with low clamping force of 1500KN, the range of products without pull rod is larger than that of pull rod injection molding machine, and the market response is very good. Since 2001, about 1000 machines have been sold, and customers agree with the advantages of the combination of non rod structure and energy-saving full motor

this print: how does Engel company maintain value innovation

mr. willmeroth: Engel has developed many improved technologies, which can not only expand our product line with cost-effective technologies, but also combine different processing processes in a single unit. In addition, Engel keeps up with the market by introducing a clear organizational structure for five major sectors, such as automotive, packaging, medicine, electronics, and technology forming

our global network enables us to ensure direct contact with various markets. Now, we have 3800 employees worldwide. Engel's injection molding machines, automation products and production systems are produced by eight companies - these companies have manufacturing plants in Europe, North America and Asia

each factory is dedicated to one product range. Therefore, we have high production standards for all kinds of products, and can quickly and accurately meet the requirements of new customers from all over the world. In the past few years, Engel has made remarkable development in machine production and application technology. From 2001 to 2007, we can apply for registration of two models: vertical spring torque testing machine and horizontal spring torque testing machine, and have 150 patents and utility model patents. This means that, compared with other Austrian companies, Engel ranks among the top ten companies. We have provided reliable measurement means for units producing and using wire rods in 27 countries. With branches and representative offices in 60 countries, Engel has provided ideal global support to customers to ensure that they remain competitive and succeed with the help of the latest technology and leading production systems

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