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International prediction: CIO's top ten strategic technologies in 2005

CIO and others will reduce the weight of finished products and damage the performance of finished products. Its information technology (it) executives are faced with a variety of technologies that may have a substantial impact on competitiveness and finance, but it is difficult to judge which new or existing technologies meet the company's goals and are ripe for adoption. In view of this, Gartner selected the top ten strategic technologies in 2005 for reference

instant messaging

gartner expects that by 2005, 60% of interpersonal communications, whether enterprises or consumers, will be sent out in real time on the spot. Real time messaging has swept enterprises and all kinds of handheld devices. However, Carl claunch, vice president of Gartner research, said that security concerns, lack of afterwards traceable documentation, limited service quality, integration problems and lack of support for non text media have made enterprises hesitant to invest in real-time messaging technology

"the security of IM is insufficient, because the basic im architecture is not designed specifically for data preservation," claunch said. "You don't want to electronically transfer $1billion to a bank in Barbados, and then use IM to confirm the transaction."

however, some companies now provide real-time messaging software to solve security, audit and integration problems. AOL, IBM, Microsoft, Sun Yat Sen and Yahoo have begun to sell enterprise version IM services, including information preservation and filing functions in accordance with government instructions. IBM is testing an application software that integrates e-mail and im functions, called notesbuddy, which can store IM conversation content into the e-mail recipient mailbox with retrieval function

clausch said that Gartner's internal use of real-time messaging technology has achieved positive results: the volume of e-mail has decreased by 40%, and the volume of voice calls has decreased by 70%

"some IMS provide security and data storage for future reference, but when you communicate with outsiders in the enterprise, you still lack the tools needed to handle identity, authentication and authorization," claunch said

based on the popularity of real-time messaging, enterprises must formulate policies for the use of real-time messaging in order to make employees happy and improve productivity. In the future, claunch said, Im will be further integrated with applications, and it will no longer be an isolated dialog, which will disappear as soon as the window is closed

the popularity of wireless local area network (WLAN)

with the support of Wi Fi protected access protocol (WPA) from more and more people, the security concerns related to wireless network deployment have been alleviated. Claunch said that WPA will provide enough security to make WLAN more popular and become an alternative. "People have always been cautious that it is not worth taking the risk of deploying wireless local area networks (LANs)," but clausch said, "WPA meets the threshold of wireless network security requirements. Over time, the concept of using only wired networks will become more and more ridiculous."

WPA is derived from the upcoming ieee802.11i standard, and the two technologies are compatible. The 802.11i standard (aka WPA2) will incorporate the higher-order encryption standard (AES) algorithm to provide encryption protection more comprehensive than Wi Fi security. Products certified by WPA2 are expected to come out later this year

Gartner expects that by the end of 2005, how to construct classification technology to improve productivity will still be a headache for users and software developers. Classification is a way to classify information by class. Modern people have limited time and attention. If the time required to find data can be shortened, productivity and customer satisfaction may be improved. For example, various preset rules can be used to filter the contents of e-mail to improve the current document search. When customers inquire about product information, they will leave a better impression if they find that the data has been properly marked with a well-designed classification method

according to clausch, the biggest challenge for applications that contact consumers and internal employees of enterprises is to determine the classification and use of words that will not confuse users searching for data. There are usually some inconsistencies between the classification results performed by human and machine, and the terms used by users to search for data

Gartner expects that by the middle of 2005, enterprise level solutions using classification and profiling to guide content will be available. Enterprise resources such as e-commerce stations are sprawling and complex, and a set of classification management methods are needed. Gartner suggests adjusting the classification methods used within the company or for business, and carrying out them in the way of coexistence of manual classification and machine classification. In addition, enterprises must make a budget to build the business vocabulary, dictionaries, special terms and indexes needed for an effective classification system

network (IP telephony)

network, including the technology of using internet protocol to transmit voice (VoIP), is approaching mainstream users step by step. However, Gartner analysts predict that SEBS foaming materials will not become mainstream until 2006, when the main use of SEBS foaming materials in the field of infant products is to manufacture foaming wheel products. "By 2006, most enterprises will fully complete the deployment of network infrastructure and begin to gain considerable new business benefits from many applications," claunch said. These applications include network-based meetings, call centers, and integrated collaboration suites on the curve board

cost saving is a major consideration in adopting network systems, and most enterprises are waiting to replace the old digital and analog systems when the replacement cycle comes. ZDNet's opinion survey of more than 400 IT professionals found that one third of the respondents said that their institutions had integrated a large part of the voice and data networks in preparation for the future switch to network systems. In addition to reducing costs, respondents said that the main considerations for adopting networks include videoconferencing and other integrated collaboration functions, as well as the benefits of productivity improvement

software treated as services

by the end of 2006, Gartner predicted that service-oriented development would prompt more than 80% of software companies to change the way software is constructed, packaged and sold. Claunch said, "web services provide a way to make applications as a full set of services. Once this new model is used to build standard business applications

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