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The international rubber and plastic exhibition ushered in the 20th grand event, with a scale of more than 90000 square meters

"2006 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition", "chemical and raw materials special area" will reach 23000 square meters, and the area will nearly double compared with the previous Shanghai Exhibition

the "China International Plastic and rubber industry exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as "international rubber and plastic Exhibition") hosted by Hong Kong Yashi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. has successfully held its first exhibition in Beijing, China since 1983. After more than 20 years of trials and tribulations, it will usher in the 20th grand meeting at Shanghai New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai from April 26 to 29, 2006, and move towards a new milestone with a test piece thickness of (2.0 0.2) mm

according to Ms. liangyaqi, the marketing manager of Yashi, the "2006 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" has won the exclusive sponsorship of the European Association of plastic and rubber industry machinery manufacturers (EUROMAP) for the 17th consecutive year. If the driving sail made from this kind of graphene material is used, the award is unique in China's rubber and plastic exhibition. The exhibition area of "2006 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" is more than 90000 square meters. It is estimated that there are 1300 exhibitors and nearly 1000 machines on display. After years of development, the exhibition has become the first rubber and plastic exhibition in Asia, and its influence is second only to K exhibition in Germany and NPE exhibition in Chicago

at present, 90% of the booths of the "2006 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" have been booked, and Austria, Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, China, Taiwan, China province of China, the United Kingdom and the United States have also implemented group participation. Among them, the exhibition groups of Austria, Germany, Italy and Taiwan Province will expand the exhibition area, and Finland, Russia and Brazil are also interested in organizing exhibition groups to participate

in order to facilitate the exchange of buyers, this exhibition will continue to set up eight special areas, including chemical and raw materials, machinery, beverage and plastic packaging equipment, auxiliary equipment and testing instruments, molds, rubber equipment, semi-finished products and China export machinery Museum. Among them, the area of "chemical industry and raw materials zone" increased most significantly, reaching 23000 square meters. The internationalization of the exhibition has also been further improved. For the purpose of promoting corporate image in all construction fields and exploring the market in East China, many large multinational companies have joined the strong exhibition lineup this year, including industry giants Krauss Maffei, Bayer, Dow Chemical, Ge high new materials group, husky, Exxon mex GH2132. The main strengthening phases are dispersed 'Xiangfu chemical, Zhenxiong, Haitian, asibi, Xiaoma Fanuc, Battenfeld, copetron, rijing, Matsui, Cornell, Bosch Rexroth, etc

in recent years, the "international rubber and plastic Exhibition" has also become the key for domestic enterprises to open the export market. The number of domestic enterprises participating in the exhibition has increased year by year, and the scale of the "China export machinery Museum" has also expanded year by year, attracting thousands of overseas buyers. The "China export machinery Museum" of the 2006 "international rubber and plastic Exhibition" will display more domestic brand novel machinery and equipment, such as Ningbo Fangli and Xindacheng extruders; Injection molding machines of Wuxi Grand, Nanhai Jiaming, Chenglu Shuangma and Hangzhou Tairui; The auxiliary equipment of Jinghua and Tianjiang fully demonstrates the strength of domestic plastic machinery enterprises to actively expand the international market. In order to strengthen overseas visitors, the conference has formed alliances with travel agencies in Japan, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Norway, Malaysia, the Philippines, the United States and other places to organize overseas visiting groups. Nearly 8000 overseas visitors attended the exhibition last year

in order to further improve the quality of visitors and the professionalism of the exhibition, Yashi decided to charge an admission fee of 20 yuan to the on-site registered visitors for the first time in 2006, hoping to encourage professional visitors to pre register through the exhibition page, obtain the qualification of free admission, and obtain the latest information of the exhibition in time. By doing this, Yashi can also provide more targeted services to the pre registered visitors

"2006 International Rubber and plastic Exhibition" is sponsored by Yashi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by the National Light Industry Federation - China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Duesseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai plastics industry association and Shanghai Foreign Trade and business exhibition company. At the same time, this exhibition has also received the support of various rubber and plastic industry associations across the country

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