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The application of Mazak machine tool in the medical field

] the medical industry treats diseases and wounds, and provides support and guarantee for our healthy life. With the improvement of material living standards and medical technology, the medical demand worldwide is growing, and the market scale of the medical industry is also expanding. At present, it is predicted that the global annual medical expenditure will exceed US $7.5 trillion, and it will be further expanded in the future

the growing medical industry

under the background of increasing medical expenditure worldwide, with the improvement of income levels in emerging countries and the aging population in developed countries, there has been an increase in per capita medical expenditure. In Asian countries with sustained economic development, with the improvement of income and the completion of medical infrastructure, more and more people can receive medical services

with the increase of medical expenditure, the experimental force error under small load is effectively reduced, and the demand for medical devices used for diagnosis and treatment of diseases is also increasing. According to statistics, the global medical device market has reached 350billion US dollars, and it is predicted that it will continue to grow by more than 5% in the next few years

aging rate and changes in personal medical expenses

evolved medical devices

there are many kinds of medical devices, which can be divided into diagnosis department, treatment department and others according to their uses. Among them, the treatment equipment has a large market size and fast growth rate. Compared with the devices of the Department of treatment and the Department of diagnosis, the consumption is relatively large, and the speed of technological innovation is very fast, which is expected to grow highly. In recent years, reducing the burden of surgery and mass customization are important topics in the development of technology

types of medical devices

structure and production process of artificial femoral joint

among all kinds of therapeutic instruments, one of the instruments that have been rapidly popularized in recent years is artificial femoral joint. In the United States, a medical developed country, it is said that about one in every 600 people has received an artificial femoral joint fixture, which is a part of the experimental machine that often changes according to the change of material samples. In the future, with the aging of the population and the increase of joint diseases, artificial femoral joints will become more and more common in other countries outside the United States

build a national aviation material production base and a national military civilian integration innovation demonstration area

structure of artificial bone joint

besides durability, artificial femoral joint also requires adaptability to bone. In particular, the scaffold should combine the thickness and angle of each patient's bone, requiring various shapes and sizes, and hundreds of types

the general support production process can be roughly divided into four steps. Cutting and surface treatment are important processes that determine the quality. The processing of the support requires particularly strict accuracy, especially the upper part of the support needs to press the head in for integration, which requires high accuracy. In addition, in order to improve the combination with the thigh bone, the surface treatment is carried out according to the needs, and some slightly concave convex surface effects are processed. In recent years, including these surface treatments, the production of artificial femoral joints began to try to use technology

production process of stents

Mazak machine tools supporting the medical industry

in the manufacturing of more than 500000 kinds of medical devices, most of them are produced in multiple varieties and small batches. Due to the impact on human body, it requires a high degree of safety and strict quality management

especially the implants used in the artificial femoral joint embedded in the body have a high risk in case of problems, requiring a high degree of manufacturing technology and stable quality. In order to give consideration to accuracy and durability, many implants are made from blanks. Its production technology has a deep relationship with Mazak machine tools which have high precision, high efficiency and can realize multi variety and small batch production

medical industry and Mazak machine tools

in addition, small parts weighing from a few grams to hundreds of grams account for more than half of implants. Therefore, cutting requires high rigidity and compact composite processing machines and 5-axis processing machines. Mazak's integrex and variaxis will play a role at this time

in addition to implants, Mazak machine tools are also widely used in the processing of boundary collimators (parts that control radiation according to the shape of tumors), various surgical instruments, medical resins, operating table frames, etc. installed on radiotherapy machines

integrex i-150, which is processing artificial bone, is studying the treatment of difficult and complex diseases that are undoubtedly huge business opportunities all over the world. The development of medical treatment requires not only drugs and treatment technology, but also the evolution of medical devices. Mazak contributes to the evolution of medical devices by providing high-precision and efficient machine tools and the most advanced processing technology

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