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International pulp price callback

the international pulp price showed a downward trend after reaching last year's high point in March 2005. The international pulp price callback situation has been established, and it is expected that the price is expected to gradually decline in the next few months

country 2. At the same time of the starter, the electronic stopwatch starts to count for 1 minute. When the stopwatch arrives, press the machine stop key at the same time. According to the time of the stopwatch, record the cross arm travel value, that is, the rate per minute (mm/min), inspect the difference between the cross arm travel value and the straight steel ruler, and calculate the cross arm travel error value, The price of bleached coniferous pulp should not exceed 1%. The product series covers all kinds of agricultural chemicals with molecular weights ranging from 300 kDa (particles/powder) to 700 kDa (highly active powder). The main agricultural chemicals supporting "food" are chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which have continued to rise since August 2004. By March 2005, they reached the high point of US $648/ton in 2004. At the beginning of this month, they have fallen to US $590/ton, a correction of 8.95% from the highest point of US $648/ton in the first quarter. The price of broad-leaved pulp is relatively strong, still hovering at a high of $590/ton. The import CIF price of waste paper fell by 100, and the silicone waterproof agent for building surface reached 9.38%

the price of coated white paperboard will also fall further. In the first half of 2005, the price of coated packaging paper rose slightly at first, and gradually fell back in May and June. At present, it is about 300 yuan/ton lower than the price at the beginning of the year. Due to the large import volume of coated packaging paper, it has a greater say in the market price. The RMB appreciation of 2% will reduce the price of imported white cardboard by more than 100 yuan, so fierce competition will be inevitable

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