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International polyurethane coating special conference held in Berlin

international polyurethane coating special conference held in Berlin

March 29, 2004

last week, 154 participants from 24 countries participated in the third European polyurethane high performance coating seminar held in Berlin and later. This conference, including the international polyurethane coating special conference, is the largest special conference of this type so far, Clear evidence shows that the continuous development of the whole polyurethane coating system still needs current continuous efforts. According to the feedback of the participants, the most popular development direction at present, forced mechanical operation, involves the following main directions: the direct polymerization of closed isocyanates with different functions and linear condensation polymers in the process of use; The hydrophilicity of aqueous dispersion system, but there is great uncertainty in the technological development and maturity process of polyisocyanate; New double curing system of polyol acrylic acid; New fast drying polyisocyanates for solvent based varnishes, etc

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