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The International Federation of robotics predicts that the sales volume of service robots will increase by 12% by the end of 2017, reaching a new record of US $5.2 billion. Its long-term forecast is also optimistic, with an average growth rate of 20% to 25% during the year. This is the latest prediction of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR)

gudrun litzenberger, general secretary of IFR, said, "the annual sales forecast shows that the cumulative sales of professional service robots is about US $27billion. Among them, 4. Put the samples inside the pressure roller, with the largest number of robots used for medical, logistics and outdoor operations."

at the same time, the market of personal service robots that assist human daily life is also developing rapidly; It is estimated that the sales of robots in all household categories, such as vacuum cleaning, mowing or window cleaning, are estimated to be about US $11billion (year)

Martin h Gele of IFR service robot Department said, "the number of robots used in manufacturing and daily environment is obviously increasing. Part of the reason why service robots are getting more and more attention is that there are many types and numbers of newly established start-ups, which account for 29% of all robot companies at present. In addition, large enterprises also strengthen their investment in robot technology, and the usual way is to acquire start-ups."

overview of the service robot market

European service robot manufacturers play an important role in the global market: 290 of the 700 registered companies providing service robots are from Europe

North America ranks second, with about 240 manufacturers; Third in Asia, about 130

professional application robots have had a significant impact in the fields of agriculture, surgery, logistics or public relations, and are increasingly important in the economy. We need to monitor the surrounding environment more and more, which leads to the increase of work specificity and data flow, which is difficult to manage. In order to meet this demand, robots will play a more important role in the fields of maintenance, safety and rescue

robots in personal and household applications have experienced strong global growth, but the number of mass market products is limited, such as floor cleaning robots, robot lawn mowers and entertainment robots

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