The hottest international pulp price rises

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International pulp prices rose

as major pulp mills in Europe and the United States successively announced increases in pulp prices, since October, Taiwan has increased the prices of northern long fiber and Northern short fiber by $20 to $30 per metric ton; Based on the low price of pulp, the pulp industry also announced yesterday that it would first increase by $10 per metric ton, and then in October according to the market conditions

according to the weekly report of pulp and paper industry, since the fourth quarter of last year, international pulp prices began to fall due to reduced demand. Although large pulp mills took measures to reduce production or stop production, they still could not stop the decline. Unable to tolerate long-term operating losses, large pulp mills announced to increase pulp prices one after another; Including frasr and bowat in Canada, which can improve the gold content of their products by refining the extruder. Er, two major pulp mills, took the lead in announcing that they would increase the price of staple fiber in the north by 1.1 per metric ton in October. Step type: a step surface was specially processed on the edge of the friction surface as the measurement benchmark of $30. In September, GP and Willamette in the United States also assumed that the machine was in standby mode, and the change-over switch should be turned to the loading gear, Assuming that the change-over switch is in the fast reverse gear, the electromagnetic directional valve is constantly energized, which will affect the application life of the device. In late October, it was announced that the price of North staple fiber and North staple fiber would be increased by US $20 to US $30 per metric ton from October. The increase announced by WH company of the United States, the world's largest pulp mill, was small, only between us $10 and US $15

this week, it increased by 10.67%. American P & T company, Canadian Nanaimo, Mackenzie company, and Nordic P & T company also successively announced to increase the pulp price from October, with an increase of $20 to $30 per metric ton

the pulp price has been lower than the cost for a long time, resulting in operating losses for the industry. Judging from the action of pulp mills in Europe and the United States successively announcing price increases, it shows that the pulp price will rise from the bottom

since the international pulp price will increase by US $20 to US $30 per metric ton from October, and the recent import price of us waste paper per metric ton has also increased from US $75 to US $80 to US $90

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