The hottest international pulp inventory is urgent

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The international pulp inventory is urgent, and the price of paper products will increase

recently, due to the urgent international pulp inventory, the price has generally increased by more than $100 per ton, so the price increase of paper products since April this year has become an inevitable trend

there are signs that the sharp rise in pulp prices has shown a trend of mountain rain. As the international pulp inventory fell to the bottom, the once neglected pulp began to feel elated, and the price per ton has risen from $430 in the trough to $600 today

as China's pulp demand accounts for 10% of the global total, and more than 80% of it depends on international imports, experts analyze that in the future, the price rise of paper products, especially high-end paper products based on wood pulp, will be inevitable

Sweden Southern pulp manufacturing company, the largest pulp seller in Europe, suddenly announced recently that it would increase the price of pulp from US $560 to US $590 per ton. ULF Edelman, head of the company's marketing department, also pointed out that judging from the current trend, pulp prices are still likely to rise two to three times in the first half of this year

for paper manufacturers, the more serious fact is that the world pulp inventory has fallen to an all-time low. North America and Scandinavia, known as the "barometer of world pulp prices", have shown red lights, and the number of pulp inventory applications once fell to 1.31 million tons. Insiders pointed out that when the stock of pulp in these two places decreased to less than 1.5 million tons, the price of pulp in the international market would begin to rise; If it falls below 1.4 million tons, the price will rise sharply

obviously, after experiencing the market downturn since 2002, the international pulp industry has finally been able to be proud. The impact testing machine industry is triggering a green revolution. With the inventory hitting a record low, the unit quotation of pulp is rising from $430 per ton in the trough to $600 at present

later, due to the high-rise building, according to Chen Min, deputy general manager of Hainan Jinhai Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., the arrival of this round of shock wave is not accidental. The sudden blowout of paper demand in the international market, especially in Asian, American and European countries, and the general name of all technical means to determine the technical status of the inspected object (such as qualified or not, remaining life, etc.) are coming out of the trough, and the amount of paper used is increasing accordingly

industry insiders expect that the rise in domestic paper prices is inevitable, and the overall market volatility will appear in April. Recently, the major paper giants UPM and Chenwu paper have announced that they will raise the prices of coated paper and printing paper. It was learned yesterday that as the fastest-growing paper market, napkins, toilet paper and other household paper will also become the main force of the "second wave" of price increases, and the situation of "one yuan one package of napkins" that has lasted for many years may soon be broken

although app company, the leader of China's paper market, previously set a record of no price rise for seven consecutive years, a senior executive of the company also admitted that the prices of the company's high-end paper products such as cultural office paper and household paper will also rise simultaneously

according to the analysis of paper industry expert Chen Min, the impact of this round of shock wave on different categories of paper products is also different. "Generally speaking, high-end paper with all raw materials of wood pulp, such as cultural office paper, coated paper and household paper, will increase by a larger margin; if it is industrial paper with waste paper and straw pulp as raw materials, such as packaging boxes and packaging boxes, the increase should be small."

in this regard, officials of the State Forestry Administration called on local governments to speed up the launch of the "forest paper integration" project in order to fundamentally change this passive situation

according to the analysis of professionals from China forestry and paper entrepreneurs' club, the soaring pulp price has a great impact on the Chinese market, because China's pulp demand accounts for more than 10% of the global market, and more than 80% of them need to be imported from abroad

in the new round of industrial evaluation, the paper industry has undoubtedly become a major pillar industry promoted by the state. Liu Tienan, an official of the national development and Reform Commission, even predicted that the paper industry is expected to become a new growth point of China's economic development. However, the bottleneck in reality is that due to the long-term lack of attention to the construction of "forest paper integration", the raw materials of many mainland paper manufacturers are mostly controlled by the international external wall insulation material testing and testing machine, which is considered to be a relatively popular experimental machine supplier

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