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Application of metal laser cutting machine in current industry

metal laser cutting machine according to Mr. Chen Yangfeng, product manager of Jishi of Taizhou Jigu Rubber Co., Ltd., it is widely used in current industry. With the increasing requirements of laser cutting precision, we have been developing products that can adapt to the development of this era. In the cutting machine industry, Metal laser cutting machines play a significant role in industrial manufacturing. For most metal materials, no matter how hard they are, they can be cut without edge. However, for metals with high reflectivity, such as gold, silver, copper, etc., because they are good heat transfer conductors, it is difficult or even impossible to cut with laser

generally, adding some auxiliary gas suitable for the material to be cut in the cutting process of metal laser cutting machine can achieve good cutting effect. When cutting steel, oxygen is used as an auxiliary vapor to produce exothermic chemical reaction with molten metal, oxidize materials, and blow away the slag in the slit at the same time

for most mechanical and electrical manufacturing industries, because modern laser cutting systems can easily cut workpieces of different shapes and sizes with simple beam support and hanging pendulum of the spindle, it is often preferred over punching and molding processes; Although the processing speed of the metal laser cutting machine is still slower than the die punching, it has no die consumption, no need to repair the die, and can also save the time of replacing the die, thus saving the processing cost of the enterprise and reducing the production cost of the enterprise, so it is more cost-effective for the solution on the whole

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